Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UO, oui

i just love urban outfitters' catalogs/collections. the photos lately have been really lovely and a great display of the clothing (which i also love). it's surprising how inspiring a catalog can be.
today i was looking through the new "early spring" UO catalog and it made me ready to be rid of this snowglobe season. i'm not really tired of it, but the lighter layers and flats just sound so enticing right now!
until the sun shows, i suppose i'll stick to these three-layers, boots-and-smart-wools days.

by the way in case you were wondering.. my favorite color is probably something like this (or the color of the three pink-ish dresses above). a light, corally pink.

aaaaalso. love this commercial by sofia coppala! dreamy and springtimey. makes me think that perfume probably smells reallly lovely.


  1. That's a great commercial! Do you know what song that is?