Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my goat, my goat

outside it's incredibly gloomy today. i usually enjoy the gray skies but today things just seem awfully dark and gloooomy.. and so i have been inside! knitting (i am relearning..it's all coming back sort of) and watching adam's rib with green tea, pita bread and hummus. mm i love the results of trips to open harvest
this has been an especially great weekend. just some good people and places and times. i start new classes tomorrow and am not really (not at all) looking forward to being back. i don't know, maybe just a little, to keep me busy.
my mind's a bit foggy, to accompany the weather. just a lot of things to try to understand and a lot that i need to get over and have a different perspective on. hm!
hope the weather's not getting you down and you all are having a good week!

a few nice outdoorsy settings with songs i'm loving..

listenin to: "walkabout" atlas sound


  1. come to texas. it's sunny and bright and 70.

  2. That yarn looks chunky and delicious.

  3. mmm seventy degrees. i would really love to visit aany day any day.

    i'm lovin the chunky yarn. it's wool-ease, lion brand yarn and it's looking pretty great! thinking of making a cowl scarf thing? the amount of time a normal scarf will take is a bit daunting, heh he

  4. Yeah, I've never actually finished a full length scarf. I always get too bored with it. Cowl sounds good, mmhmm.

  5. those look like gretchano hands to me...be they?
    and that is such a great pair of a star couple. the other day i told matt that something really got my goat and responded just like mr. spencer did. duh.

  6. greti hands, yep. they are such the power couple. so lovely