Monday, January 4, 2010


lalalaaaaaaaaaaaa. hello! learning how to blog. whaat. like an old woman i say!
right now, strumming banjos and warm brownie sundae and coffee

hopes for this year:
- sew sew sew
- re-learn to knit
- go to college and make good of it (university here)
- practice spanish, stay on top of things, expand
- art and crafts
- more adventurous
- health (good foods etc)
- Peru, Seattle, unplanned places
- good friends with good people
- read. i have a list (i can't let the list be daunting to me. i have never been much of a reader, but always wanted to be. now's the time!)
- (last is first) faith in God, grow closer, soft-hearted.

i hope this bloggedy blog to be a reflection of inspirations i have and whatever else comes to mind. creative outlet or something similar
right now going to study psychology. because i have a final tuesday.
yes i have my one difficult final the day after holidays. don't ask me what this world has come to because i just just don't know

listening to: "quelqu'un m'a dit" carla bruni


  1. You should come visit sometime, in the summer maybe? We could go to the farmer's market and buy lots fresh yummy food and cook and take the baby on strolls around downtown. Sound good?

    Also if you start relearning knitting, here are the two best sites: - for help with knitting, duh. Videos are awesome and easier to learn from than books/pictures/words. - a billion knitting patterns/ideas/inspirations

  2. bet - summer is a plan. not just a possibility. that needs to happen, sounds so perfect! and i've just always wanted to visit + new niecey pie seals the deal
    & thank you! i wasn't really sure how i was gonna go about that goal (since heather schulte is far away..heh). tank ya tanks

  3. I'm really excited to follow your blog. Funny how we both independently created them the same night, and with our first and middle names?!?!?! Craaaazay.
    You're fab.

  4. yeah we are pretty freaky! and back at you, i'm always glad to have a glimpse of your ideas yay!