Tuesday, January 12, 2010


this week is finals week for me. i'm done with one of them from the beginning of last week (teachers do what they want!) but now i have a research paper to write for that class. naturally, it's due tomorrow and i am writing a blog post (writing, instead of just posting my photos...clearly i'm stalling) instead of starting, starting, the paper.
i am the queen procrastinator! i need to develop good study habits before school really gets difficult. lazy lazy my my !
but really, a bad case of senioritis has overcome me, a horrible no-good kind of case and the whole logic behind that case seems to make perfect sense to me now! i mean, i am almost done..so very close..and it doesn't matter much anyway. so? (: heh he
just have got to stop browsing lovely blogs and etsy's and anthropologie then maybe some time some day i will write about psychology?
also, just to put it out there, my calves are really feelin it today due to a "calf rasies" competition i had with my brothers last night. vicious! i mean, i walk so much, but my little calvsies aren't used to all the attention!
oooh how i wish i were a ballerina

listenin to: "i thought i saw your face today" she & him
ps, new she & him album coming march 23! hooray!
psss, new vampire weekend album at this very moment! hooprah!

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  1. So you're saying I should toss the Anthropologie catalog into the recycling bin immediately when it comes in the mail, so as not to distract you? :)
    you are my favorite senior, senioritis or no.