Monday, January 4, 2010

buried in winter

listenin to:


  1. Only been posting for a day or so, and already your photos blow mine out of the water.
    How did you get that first effect?
    Love all three of them.
    And your first post.
    And you.:)

  2. p.s. All those books are good choices. I'm jealous of your reading options.

  3. first photo = o christmas tree + shakedy camera
    love to you, mama

    i have about twenty books on my "to read" list. i'm excited. it's about 19 more books than i read in all of last i don't think i could take any steps backwards?
    i've just read the 2 salingers before in that pile, plus a good bit of the spanish dictionary. heh

  4. I call that yellow one in the middle when you are done

  5. Love that you have a blog now!! YAY!