Thursday, January 21, 2010

stick to your craft

some crafty inspiration
including sufjan. and a good concentrated lip bite, plus
lovely style (i've always admired the hairstyles from around that decade. so sleek and lovely with perfect waves)! i feel like sufjan stevens would be such a great guy friend to have. i mean, other than being sufjan stevens, he would sit around and play banjo and sing and make paper wings to walk around in (and knit?) and look so handsome all the while.
i mean, i can dream.

and! of course. it is that magical time of the year again. the time of a new PR season. mm! thursday nights are a good kind of night (and oh-so close to friday)!
i love this cheesy photo.. let that fabric fly!

listenin to: teen dream (album by) beach house

1 comment:

  1. That 2nd photo is just too great. So much concentration.
    How do they make their hair do that?