Tuesday, February 22, 2011

right now this moment i am only dreaming
of burdens lifted by the arrival of sunny summertime, leap at the chance to drive into the dusty foreverness. with the sun to warm my shoulders and endless playlists of good sounds!
i can only dream at this point, sitting in my dorm room, lit by twinkle lights, waiting for the cold to pass by. i've embraced it for so long but now i wanna say farewell. goodbye. for a good long while.
summer squash and iced tea and banjo pluckin' and porch sittin' and fresh fruit and walking and biking and the breeze and simplicity and late night and cricket noises and dancing and getting out of town and swimsuit and rosy cheeked happy stuff.

laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night

Friday, February 18, 2011

videos that always make me happy/wanna dance
(you may have to click through if you don't want part of it cut off)

i can always count on zooey deschanel to bring the goofy choreography. the best!
IT'S FRIDAY! bout time. have a good and sunny one!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

all you want's one more saturday

the weather the weather! it is so great. i feel like i've been cooped up in cocoons of layers since around november, but this next week is supposed to be in the 50's every day and i am so so so ready for that. the sun is a great friend who will help me not freeze on the way to class. yeeeeee!
i got this new lil dress from stella because i had a groupon. woo. it has a twang of country to it (maybe i was inspired by the decemberists' "the king is dead"? been listening to that an awful lot). it's loose and swingy and cute and i love it.
another recent purchase that i'm excited about is a ticket to fleet foxes for may! AAAH! planning to drive the grand old state of texas after school's out (oh the thought of such a glorious day) to hang out with my sister and see robin pecknold and the fellas put on a show. oh my, oh my.
geeeez i need a job; i am excellent at spending my moneys on things like this. until i get up the courage to apply to places i shall just babysit some cute kiddos.
i leave you with this image of me in my new dress doin' the creep. (if you wanna make friends at the atm, i totally recommend this dance move)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


it's been awhile
slash i deleted this blog for a month ish 'cause i'm not sure how to quite handle having a blog. my general approach is to rarely post and not be super into it.
i may be attempting it yet again - not promising myself or anyone that it will be a great success, though. heh

i'm lately inspired by friends' blogs (you should peek at my roommate's new blog. she so cayuuute). also my obsession with fashion/art/diy/generally just lovely blogs is ever-present in my days...
this is what i wore today! or a few little snaps of it, at least. (i'm not really sure how to work my mama's fancy camera AT all so...eh)

shirt - american apparel
pants - urban outfitters
boots - target

honestly, i'm sporting my favorites of all my wardrobe! favorite pants (i will just say that i wear these "often"), favorite shirt, and favorite boots. they're all really simple things, but i think that's part of what makes them favorites of mine - things that say something about me, that are comfortable yet cool (or at least i think so).
happy new week, friends !

currently listenin' to: "walk in the park" song by beach house