Sunday, February 6, 2011


it's been awhile
slash i deleted this blog for a month ish 'cause i'm not sure how to quite handle having a blog. my general approach is to rarely post and not be super into it.
i may be attempting it yet again - not promising myself or anyone that it will be a great success, though. heh

i'm lately inspired by friends' blogs (you should peek at my roommate's new blog. she so cayuuute). also my obsession with fashion/art/diy/generally just lovely blogs is ever-present in my days...
this is what i wore today! or a few little snaps of it, at least. (i'm not really sure how to work my mama's fancy camera AT all

shirt - american apparel
pants - urban outfitters
boots - target

honestly, i'm sporting my favorites of all my wardrobe! favorite pants (i will just say that i wear these "often"), favorite shirt, and favorite boots. they're all really simple things, but i think that's part of what makes them favorites of mine - things that say something about me, that are comfortable yet cool (or at least i think so).
happy new week, friends !

currently listenin' to: "walk in the park" song by beach house


  1. i'm glad you're back. i noticed the disappearance and was not happy about it!

  2. We need a link to those pants on the UO website mmkay??

  3. b - not sure if these are the exact pair (i've had these pantalones for awhile..) but i think they might be! they are BDG brand.,+product.marketingPriority

  4. Yay you are back yay!!

  5. ah, my fav beach house song. and i seem to like every clothing item visible to me in this post...