Saturday, February 12, 2011

all you want's one more saturday

the weather the weather! it is so great. i feel like i've been cooped up in cocoons of layers since around november, but this next week is supposed to be in the 50's every day and i am so so so ready for that. the sun is a great friend who will help me not freeze on the way to class. yeeeeee!
i got this new lil dress from stella because i had a groupon. woo. it has a twang of country to it (maybe i was inspired by the decemberists' "the king is dead"? been listening to that an awful lot). it's loose and swingy and cute and i love it.
another recent purchase that i'm excited about is a ticket to fleet foxes for may! AAAH! planning to drive the grand old state of texas after school's out (oh the thought of such a glorious day) to hang out with my sister and see robin pecknold and the fellas put on a show. oh my, oh my.
geeeez i need a job; i am excellent at spending my moneys on things like this. until i get up the courage to apply to places i shall just babysit some cute kiddos.
i leave you with this image of me in my new dress doin' the creep. (if you wanna make friends at the atm, i totally recommend this dance move)