Sunday, February 21, 2010

a peek at bits of my weekend, photobooth style

peter pan rehearsal. it is going to be such a magical play, i can just tell. flying and nana and forever young! what's not to love

didn't go to winter formal (it is just not good..not at all). instead, the venue (deeeelicious) with lovely friends, then dancin dancin the night away in our own manner

good amounts of watching olympics with matchu, with pieces of harry potter thrown in, too. ohnoooooooooo! apolo, that is

playin with colorful lips and scarf tie headbands.
winter has bogged down my wardrobe spirits lately. i find that in the morning all i want is the same cardigan and jeans plus layers of warmth and coziness, so that's what i usually end up doin. not that interesting. i need the springtime sunshine weather to warm things up!
needless to say, it's been a wonderful (lazy) weekend, not too much homework and no work hours! wonderful.
excited about the nearness of graduation..semi-nearness..and the possibilities that next year holds. oohmy! good things to come i believe. talking about the major i'm going into at school next year (art - spanish minor i'm thinking), i've gotten a lot positive response from others who have said "it's really what you make of it!" and i am convinced i will make good of it and things will be different and a positive thing. excited to be challenged creatively and to develop ideas. yes ooohyes. who knows.
hope you are having a great day <3

listenin to: teen dream (album by) beach house


  1. peterpanpeterpan! i wanna see!

    (you be soo pwitty, little lady)

  2. soooo I love you and miss you so much! I can't wait to see you in Peter Pan! I love all these various picture of you. I'm also very excited for you to come here! EEK!!! How FUN!! Let's hang out soon please! lovelovelove

  3. Are you on cast or crew for PP?