Friday, February 26, 2010

dream land

is it very wrong that i love sleeping lately?
this week i think i went to bed around 9:30 most every night and it was a beautiful and strange granny-like thing.
i just love hitting the mattress and being warm wrapped in blankets at the end of the day, sooooo nice. and it's much easier to keep my eyes open during class, who knew

one hundred days until graduation.. yeeeees
i now have a definite roomate for next year (possibly three! fantastic roomates! if we get a sweet suite dorm in the new building. wwoow that would be good) and i am so so excited.
next year is just going to be different and fun. even if it's not what's expected, it is no doubt gonna be fun.

dreaming of SUMMER and light layers and sunlight, carefree days and traveling (i've skipped past wishing for spring and gone straight to summer. i am really eager)
i feel like warm weather is on most people's wishlist. am i right? sunsuunnysunsuncomecome
happy happsy weekend to all! going to SLEEP. predictable.

listenin to: the end of history (album by) fionn regan


  1. I am soooo jealous of your lovely sleep. Enjoy some for us - we aren't getting much around here these days.

  2. SOO excited for you to come to school next year! It's gonna be a party all the time, and we can do artsy fartsy things together and maybe then I can get you back that Tupperware. One thing we won't be doing is sleeping though. :P SleepOVERS- yes.