Monday, January 2, 2012

k & m

friday marc and kaylee got married! it was a perfectly sweet ceremony and an equally fun celebration to follow. i took only a couple photos during the busy day (they had a pretty awesome photographer to capture all the moments) but i will remember all the snapshots in my head so vividly for a long while. from what i experienced, the wedding and reception were cozy and love-filled and a perfect reflection of these two great folks. i couldn't help but shed happy tears at points before, during, and right after the wedding (oh my)
it was just awesome to be near and watch my brother and one of my closest friends begin their lives together after watching them fall in love more and more over the past years. i'm truly thankful for their loving influence in my life and everyone's lives around them. it is so exciting that now they are going to shine as one - how crazy.
needless to say, kaylee was the most beautiful bride ever and marc is a lucky fella. wishing em happy honeymooning in colorado & joy forever!

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  1. -sniff sniff- you makin' me cry just readin' this!