Thursday, December 15, 2011

dpp fifteen

oooy i am getting progressively worse and worse at this december challenge! i keep forgetting until the very last minute ... you would think you'd get better after doing it every day, but no!
so, here i shall cheat. this photo's from a couple days ago and it's a pretty good representation of my break thus far. yaaaaaay break


  1. it's getting hard for me too! your hair is still looking incredibly magical. i can't even remember what it looked like non-ombre-d.

  2. did you get it re-ombre'd or is this still left from the first time? looking good.
    p.s. can you re-teach me to knit in the next couple of weeks? i'll bring my needles! kelli k. taught me once and i never quite took to it. hm.