Sunday, April 10, 2011

a wishlist

some goodies that i'd love to own!

Public A7 City Bike

Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker .. i'm all about the americanos lately. yummm.

Annie Hall movie poster

Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller .. couldn't find it at any library - if any of you friends own this and wanna loan it to me, that'd be awesome

Oriental Creations Cushion Cover

BDG Weekender Bag

not pictured:
- a job .. then perhaps some of these things would be more attainable heh. and for more practical reasons, of course
- roadtrip to chicago with my pals in june to see our friend and iron & wine and paint the town red. i hope this will happen (again, a job would help)!
- endless supply of iced coffee
- summer .. yeeeeeeeees so close!
- the motivation to get to summer .. aaaah so far away!


  1. my copy of through painted deserts is actually in lincoln with chelsea nun! you can borrow it :)

  2. I have that stovetop espresso maker. I never use it. It's yours.

  3. OH MY, nice people! thanks, renae! i will find a way to take it off your hands..

  4. americanos are the best! love em & the Annie Hall movie poster is a good idea, i think i want one of those too!<3

  5. I have the book. I also have the expresso maker. But I DO love it, and you cannot have it. I will bring the book to church if you want!