Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sweet darlin

i was watching she & him on late night talk shows that i had recorded (i love to see bands that i love on shows when they have a new album!) and i couldn't help but admire completely zooey deschanel's dresses. the 60's halter summery party dress sort of style is so cute and i am wondering...if i could possibly sew something like it? i have no idea how to go about it (could i find a pattern for this style somewhere? somebody?) but i feel like the sort of separated halter part would make it a semi-simple dress to create...
then again, not really knowing much about sewing does not bode well for my creative desires. i would really like to try to make a dress like this, though! does anyone have an suggestions for how? huummmm..


  1. Hmm I can't help because I know basically nothing about sewing. But I bet you could find a pattern for it - maybe at Joann's or some other fabric store?

  2. I will help you! We can make our own pattern!